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The Inception and Growth of OnlyFans

The London-based adult social media platform was designed to create an adult fanclub marketplace by creating a personal connection between the artists and their fans. The OnlyFans app allows adult artists to connect with their fan base without any restrictions. Ever since its launch it began to disrupt the subscription-based social media sector through its unconventional approach and revenue generating capabilities. It now has more than a million content creators and over 90 million registered users, which is a phenomenal feat in just about five years.

What is EroticXFans

What is EroticXFans?

EroticXFans is a white-labelled social media app for adult entertainers. It is a OnlyFans clone script that is built with top-of-the-line tech stack for unique and best user experience making it an ideal adult fanclub marketplace. EroticXFans is also one of the best OnlyFans clone script developers with a highly qualified and efficient tech team that can proficiently build adult social media platforms just like the OnlyFans app.

Connect with us now and launch your adult social media app and be the entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

How does it works

The customer-centric workflow of EroticXFans engenders seamless operation from start to finish.
Do more with less effort

  • 1

    Swift & Efficient Signing Up

    At EroticXFans, you can easily and quickly sign up through any one of the manifold registration modes. It’s as simple as signing up with Gmail or Facebook accounts.

  • 2

    Explore Content Creators

    The smart search option of EroticXFans lets you find your preferred celebrity in the simplest of manner.

  • 3

    Solicit Photos & Videos

    A simple yet effective tool to request personalized photos and videos, just for yourself, from your favorite adult star.

How does it works
  • 4

    Solicit Calls & Merchandise

    You don’t have to think twice before connecting with your adult entertainer. You can also treat yourself to custom-made merchandise through a simple request option.

  • 5

    Payment System

    EroticXFans’ multiple and comprehensive payment options allows you to make quick and safe payments the way you want.

  • 6

    Sanction & Execute Requests

    The content creators will receive a personalized notification of the content request. With just a click of an icon, you can approve the content request and set a timeline to fulfill the request.

Mobile Features for Users & Adult Celebrities

EroticXFans is an extremely efficient OnlyFans clone app and it provides a devoted and highly customizable dashboard for the adult celebrities with interactive features.

Mobile Features for Users & Adult Celebrities

Purchase Digital Content & Merchandize

Buy both digital content such as videos, photographs, audio messages, etc., and personalized merchandize from your favorite adult celebrities. Your search for the specific content or product is more refined with the intuitive smart search option.

Message Content Creators

Lets you have a personal chat with the adult celebrities. The chat room is highly secure and fully encrypted, providing utmost comfort.


You will receive the most appropriate profile recommendations by resourceful use of your search history.

Browse Content Creator Profiles

Don’t stop with content feed. Browse through millions of adult celebrities’ profiles through a streamlined browsing option.

Tag Content Creators

Like to tag your favorite adult celebrity in your posts? Do it in style with one-touch tagging feature.


Whether you missed a live streamed video or would like to watch it again, you can request the celebrities to privately share it with you.

Upload Photo

Probably the quickest and easiest way to crop, edit, and upload a photo.

Upload Bulk Photos

Do you have several photos to upload? The bulk upload option lets you do it in just a single click.

Create Album

Are you a frequent traveler or a party animal? And do you wish to upload them? You can now quickly create dedicated albums for each occasion.

Upload Video

Users prefer video posts more than any other form. Now upload a cropped or a full-length video effortlessly.

Sell Video

EroticXFans is all about monetizing so sell your videos and make the most out of them.

Sell Product

Even a signed product becomes a high-value merchandize. Create them, sell them and increase your earnings.

Update Bio

Don’t get outdated. Update your bio as you like regularly and keep up with the trend.

Chat with Users and Peers

Don’t limit yourself to just posts. Go ahead and connect with your fans and peers and grow your network.

Earnings Dashboard

EroticXFans helps you track all your earnings on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, since it is essential to keep a track of your earnings.

Earning Revenue Through OnlyFans Clone

You might be wondering how, as an admin, you can make money from an OnlyFans clone. Here’s how.

Commission from Subscriptions

Models are free to charge their own subscription rates. They can charge any amount of the fans as membership fees starting from a defined amount per month. There is no top limit. This helps models to exploit their success and business talents to make the money they wish to gain. Models need to be very careful in agreeing on membership dues.


Models can utilize an additional stream of income via the referral program. Models can invite other models to the app. This brings in fresh new content creators and, with them, more fans. The referral program benefits both the models and admins in the long term by expanding the app to the next level.

Tips From Streaming

Admins will receive a percentage of the tips received from the live streaming broadcasts. This is left upon the admin and content creators to choose a percentage that is fair.

PPV Messaging

Users can use personal Premium messages to communicate with models. Texts are managed using a pay-per-view system. Users could submit free messages to the models, but they must pay to see the response from the model.

Tech-Flow of EroticXFans

EroticXFans’s tech flow is as efficient, powerful, and seamless as it could be. The performance-driven tech-flow makes this multimodel marketplace flawless all through the way.

Tech-Flow of EroticXFans

Customize With Add Ons

You deserve nothing short of excellence. Choose from our varied add ons, customize your EroticXFans account, and power your way to the top.

In-app Purchase

The users can purchase personalized merchandise and other customized content from their favorite adult celebrities in a quick and efficient manner through Apple Pay and in-app purchase features.

Payment Gateway

Say goodbye to slow and incompatible payment apps. EroticXFans is powered with multiple payment gateways for safe, effortless, and secure payments.


EroticXFans understands that the adult celebrities have a global fanbase; therefore, it has integrated multiple languages to help the users access the app and its features in their own languages.

Post Scheduling

EroticXFans’s post-scheduling feature lets your post go live automatically and even in your absence. Just upload the post, set the time, and watch it go live.

Watermark on Video & Image Post

Copyright infringement is a serious risk and EroticXFans has got you covered by automatically adding your personalized watermark on all your posts.

Wallet / Token System

Forget about the tedious task of punching in your bank details for each transaction. EroticXFans’s wallet and token systems help in immediate and secure transactions every single time.

How much can I earn?

An in-depth assessment of how much you can earn through EroticXFans.

Let’s consider you have 20 active content creators with 30 subscribers subscribed to the $10/month subscription package on your site. In this case, you would be earning a post-expense profit of $10,267/month. Here is how you can do it!

For 20 active content creators with 30 subscribers subscribed to the $10/month subscription package your monthly income will be $6000. That is 20 content creators multiplied by 30 subscribers multiplied by $10/month.

Let’s consider each content creator to earn $50/day through sales of content, product, merchandise and pay-per-view model. Then the monthly income through sales of content, product, merchandise will be $30,000. That is, 20 content creators multiplied by $50/day multiplied by 30days.

Now, you also have your site expenses to pay for, which is categorized as Server Charges – $30/month, Domain Charges – not more than $30/annum, and Site Maintenance Charges – $500 approximately/month, which brings your monthly site expenses to a total of $533.

Note: These figures are for 20 content creators with 50 subscribers, which is likely to increase every month.

Adding the two together, the total monthly income of EroticXFans amounts to $36,000. Which is $1800 per content creator per month.

To calculate your earnings, let’s fix your commission fee at 30% of the total earnings of each content creator, which is $540/month per content creator. So, for 20 content creators your monthly income is $10800. That is, $540/month commission fee multiplied by 20 content creators.

Deduct the monthly site expense amount ($533) from your monthly income ($10800) and you earn a profit of $10,267/month.

Tech Stack

EroticXFans ensures a seamless and most fluidic experience every minute in the app. It is the melting pot of the best technologies available in the market.

Tech Stack: EroticXFans

Empower Yourself

EroticXFans packs a punch on all devices and screens through its eccentric, seamless, and highly responsive functionality. Download now!

EroticXFans Packages & Quotation

A best adult social media app at the best possible price. EroticXFans is built with the best business model, which is client-centric.

Basic Plan Advance Plan
Free Installation
Website & Android App
Crypto Payment
CCBill Payment gateway
Knowledge Base
Set-up Doc
100% Open Source Code
Get started Get started

Customer Reviews

It is a fact that customers do not lie. So here is what our customers say about us. Read it to believe it..

10k+ customers trust us

Unbiased testimonials and honest reviews from our clients. Listen to what our clients say about us.


You might be wondering how, as an admin, you can make money from an OnlyFans clone. Here’s how.

1What tech stack do you use?

EroticXFans always uses only the best technologies available in the market to design, develop, and deploy our services. For more details kindly read the “Tech Stack” section of this website.

2 What is the refund policy?

EroticXFans’s services are experience and relationship-oriented; therefore, the refund policy is extremely subjective. You can read the full terms and conditions and privacy policy section to know more about it.

3Does EroticXFans provide post-launch maintenance assistance?

Yes, EroticXFans provides free post-launch maintenance for a limited number of months, after which, a nominal fee is levied for post-launch maintenance.

4Do you offer hosting?

No, EroticXFans does not provide hosting services. However, it does recommend DigitalOcean or AWS for the same.

5Can I install the script by myself?

Yes, we will provide you the script along with an installation doc for you to install the script by yourself.

6Can I customize the script after I purchase it?

Yes, the script is customizable once purchased; however, if you want us to customize it for you, then each customization is chargeable.

7Who owns the source code?

EroticXFans will be the developer of the source code. Upon purchase the ownership of the source code will be transferred to the client.

8Can I have my own brand and logo?

Yes, with EroticXFans, you can design and develop your own brand and logo of any type at the backend.

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